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Veteran writes book to explain his ptsd to his daughter 

by JD Kasper, MSgt (Ret.), USAF

I answered my country's call.
I stood my post. I did my job.
I’ve seen real super heroes and seen them fall.
I made it home when others didn’t.
Now things are a little different.
It’s more than guilt and more than shame.
There is a darkness that I can’t explain.
Darkness that you don’t see or understand.
This wasn’t part of the plan.
Hold me when I’m scared
Pick me up when I fall.
Keep your smiles and your pats on the back.
Just be there when everything goes black.

All because normal isn’t normal anymore. 

Camp Hope: PTSD Foundation of America

PTSD: national Center for PTSD

As many as 400,000 service members  live and struggle with  invisible wounds of war.  

sadly most think that they are alone.

Help us. Help them.