The effects of PTSD are real.

(C)MSgt Curtis Miller was gracious enough to share his story with everyone.

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I have recently been educated by a close friend, MSgt Brian Price (USAF), on the Not Forgotten organization and what they do for our returning heroes.   It made me reflect on my over 20 years of service.  I have deployed 6 times, twice to causality evacuation missions in the Middle East.  During that time, my team had moved over 2000 wounded service members from the theater to Germany for definitive medical treatment.  I will always remember Marine SSG Moore.  He was the first service member that my team unloaded off of a UH-60 onto a C-17.  It was the first time I recognized first-hand the sacrifice our heroes make for our Democracy.  It is because of SSG Moore that I still serve today.  I aspire every day to be worthy, as an AIRMAN, of the sacrifice that our soldiers, sailors. marines and airmen make for us all.

I volunteered in 2007 to deploy for a year with Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan.  I was one of only 4 tactical Airmen in the Command Surgeon directorate.  Embedded as an advisor to the Afghan Army, I traveled to every FOB in Afghanistan during the year.  I saw several of my wingman, battle buddies and shipmates return home injured, several giving the ultimate sacrifice.  I returned home after that year feeling numb and disconnected.  I realize now that I had survived free of physical injury, however had endured invisible wounds that had a detrimental impact on my life.  It is because of people like my friend  and organizations like Not Forgotten that I was able to reintegrate into my daily life. 

633 MDSS Superintendent